A-Z Plett Forest Cabins

Dam side family cabin Plett Forest Cabins Plettenberg Bay

A-Z Plett Forest Cabins & Wedding Venue

A –     is for Assistance, please ask one of the team if you need anything or need assistance.

B –      is for Border Collies, Skyla & Luca, they love attention. Please keep your cabin doors closed at all times to prevent them from getting inside.

C –       is for Cell phone – reception is better closer to the gate or at the pool, as we are in a dip, cellphone coverage is limited.

D –      is for Deer, our Fallow Deer are tame you may feed them, but please allow them to come to you and do not approach them. Parents please do not let your children chase the Deer, they may run and break a leg.

E –       is for Electric Gate, the code is available from any of the team members, please ensure that the animals are not near the gate when opening.

F –       is for Fire, no matter how small, report all fires to one of the team immediately, there is a fire extinguisher at your cabin front door.

G –      is for Greedy Deer, they love plastic and tearing charcoal bags apart, please throw all plastic in your bins and make sure your charcoal bags are on top of your braai’s.

H –      is for Hot Plate, please do not switch all appliances on at once it will overload the circuit.

I –        is for Internet Banking, please settle your account on arrival or at least by the evening of your first day.

J –       is for Jacuzzi, if your cabin has a Jacuzzi spa bath, please ensure the shower head is inside the bath when filling, only switch jets on once water is above the jet line. Only run jets for 10 minute intervals.

K –       is for Kitchen, please ask one of the team if you require anything that is not available.

L –       is for Lights, switch off when not in use, please tell one of the team if new bulbs are required.

M –      is for Music, this is a tranquil forest retreat, sorry no music.

N –       is for Noise, please consider other guests and keep the noise to a minimum.

O –      is for Ocean, turn left out of the gate drive for 12 minutes, turn right at the T-junction.

P –       is for Pool, please do not allow children in the pool area unattended.  Swimming Towels are available from Staff.

Q –       is for Questions, please come over to reception or ask one of the team.

R –       is for Restaurants, a list of recommended restaurants are in the folder.

S –       is for Septic Tanks, only a number 1 or number 2 and paper down the loo please, everything else in the bin.

T –       is for Television, there is no TV signal, however a DVD machine is in your cabin, with plenty of DVD’s available at reception (a refundable deposit is required).

U –      is for Ultimate Adventure, our guests receive a 10% discount from a number of local activities, your discount vouchers are in your Guest Folder.

V –       is for Visitors, day visitors are welcome to visit with guests but must please leave by 10pm.

W –      is for Wi-Fi, very limited connection is available closer to the main house.

X –       is for X-Ray, Plett Medi Clinic is the closest private hospital.

Y –       is for Young Children, must be supervised at all times.

Z –       is for Zoo, we have friendly cats, dogs, Deer and even fireflies on the premises, unfortunately we also have naughty monkeys and unfriendly Baboons that love to come in and make a mess when you are out. Please make sure you close all windows when going out for the day.

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