Useful Information

Check out Times

In Season Check Out Time:
Please ensure that you vacate your cabin by 9am on the day of your departure.

Normal Check Out Time:
Please ensure that you vacate your cabin by 10am on the day of your departure.

Low Season Check Out Time:
Guests that are staying the weekend may make arrangements to check out later than 10am on the day of departure.

Linen Changes

Linen will be changed every 6 days.

Towels will be changed every 3 days.

Laundry Facilities

If we are not busy, our staff can wash and dry and fold your laundry at R100 per 5kg load to wash, dry and fold your laundry. Please ask for a basket at Reception.

Laundry is normally returned the next day.

They are tame and will eat from your hand, but please wait for them to come to you DO NOT approach them and PLEASE do not let your Children chase them.
Anyone found harming our animals will be evicted from the premises IMMEDIATELY.

Please keep all your garbage inside your cabin until the morning, when one of the team will come and remove it from your deck. Deer and Monkeys love tearing open plastic bags for food!

Please remove all valuables from your car.
When on the beach or in town please lock all your valuables away in your boot. Please ensure your car is locked, double check when you leave your car that it is in fact locked.


The complimentary WiFi service is VERY limited due to our proximity from the closest tower. Signal is strongest closest to the main house.


We supply you with your first bundle of wood, some fire lighters’ and matches.
Should you require more wood @ R20 per bundle, please ask one of the team to bring it down to your cabin.


Can be arranged at a cost of R100 per day excluding dishes. R120 per day including dishes.
Servicing of units is allocated according to availability of team members and for this reason services are to be arranged when booking or with the office. Chalets will be serviced by pre-arrangement between 9am and 12pm, depending on availability. The team member cannot spend more than 1 hour in the cabin for full services. Please note that if there are too many services to be done, your cabin may only be serviced between 2pm and 4pm
No services will be done on Weekends, Christmas Day, New Year’s Day, Good Friday or Easter Monday.
Please do not smoke inside the cabins. Ashtrays are provided on the deck of each cabin.
Please only make your braai fire in the designated fireplace and nowhere else. Portable braais are permissible, provided that they are not a nuisance to others and do not constitute a fire hazard or damage the forest.
If you wish to remove the Kreepy out of the pool to swim, please call on of the team members to do it for you.

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